What Are Moon Rock Joints?

Cannabis, Concentrates

Smoking a joint and taking off into outer space; what could be better? It may seem far-fetched, but Moon Rock Joints are aptly named because they are so potent that smoking them may seem like a trip into the great unknown.  Is your interest piqued? If you’re a connoisseur of all things marijuana, you’ll want...
3 weeks ago Highest Farmacy Team
What are Moon Rock Joints?

What Is Moon Rock Weed?


Marijuana moon rocks are cannabis products made by dipping or spraying nugs of marijuana with concentrates or hash oil, then rolling in Kief. The nugs can be made by any marijuana strain flowers and concentrate. The end product is what we call moon rock. Moon rock became popular after West Coast Rapper Kurupt and his...
1 month ago Highest Farmacy Team
What Is Moon Rock Weed?

What is Kief?


Have you come across the word kief and wondered what it means? Well, kief is one of the many by-products of marijuana. It is often misspelt as keef and falls under the category of products often known as “weed kief,” “hash,” or “concentrate.” Kief is simple to make and takes no additional investment, unlike other...
1 month ago Highest Farmacy Team
What is Kief

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates?


2 months ago Highest Farmacy Team
Cannabis concentrates are a little more like a processed version of cannabis. At the simplest level, a cannabis concentrate is made by taking cannabis flower or other plant matter and subjecting it to an extraction process. The resulting liquid is then put through a filtration process and may be vaporized (vaped), consumed or used as...
What are the Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

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