Harvesting Cannabis: How and When to Harvest Marijuana?

Harvesting Cannabis: How and When to Harvest Marijuana?

Harvesting cannabis plants is a key phase in the cultivation process since it impacts the final product’s quality and strength. Several indicators will tell you when your cannabis plants are nearly ready for harvest.  

Each plant and strain is unique; thus, these signals will vary. The entire plant ripens and curls in some, and some leaves will fall off. The buds will be complete and mature and no longer appear to grow larger. As the buds grow, the branches will get heavier and hang more.


A Brief Intro to Growing Cannabis

If you want a more uplifting and cerebral high, harvest your plants after the pistils on the buds have gone from white to orange.  50-70% of the cannabis trichomes, the resin glands that carry the plant’s THC and terpenes, will have become milky. Wait until the pistils have become brown and the trichomes have turned red or orange if you want a more tranquil and calming high. 

 You can use a magnifying glass to have a better look at the amber trichomes. It is critical to use a microscope developed mainly for viewing clear trichomes. Note that harvesting marijuana plants is not an exact science, and the optimal time to harvest will vary depending on your tastes and the strain of marijuana you are cultivating. Sometimes knowing the best time to harvest your plants may take trial and error.


How Do I Know When To Harvest Marijuana?

Knowing when to harvest, when to trim the cannabis plants, and how to carry out the procedure are some of the most challenging aspects. Usually, the trichomes, the tiny transparent or milky-white crystals covering the buds and leaves of the plant, will help you know when to harvest your marijuana flowers

When the trichomes are transparent, the plant is not yet ready to be harvested. The plant is maturing and getting ready to be harvested when the trichomes become milky white or amber in hue. The plant is at its greatest potency and prepared for harvesting when 30 and 50 percent of the trichomes have gone amber. It’s crucial to take the strain’s maturity into account as well.

Sativa strains take longer to mature than Indica strains, so Indica strains may be ready for harvesting early. Sativa strains take longer to mature and may require more time on the plant.

How Do I Know When To Harvest Marijuana?

Indoor Cannabis Growing and Harvesting

This method entails meticulously developing marijuana inside and under controlled conditions and harvesting it for personal use or commerce. Indoor growers’ methods mainly entail delivering high-intensity artificial light for growing plants, such as LED, HID, or high-pressure sodium (HPS), to maximize the photoperiod. 

In marijuana production and harvesting, it is vital to keep things clean and tidy to ensure the health of the plants, especially when growing cannabis plants indoors. This includes a frequent and thorough cleaning of any tools or tools used to cultivate cannabis, such as the fertilizer container and any containers for storing the harvested product. Setting up a basic indoor grow system is straightforward and takes little time and effort.

You can easily establish settings and grow plants on their timetable without needing a complex system. Additionally, it’s a little simpler to harvest your plants. When your plants are fully grown, and their trichomes have changed colour to a milky white, it’s time to harvest. Trim the buds and cut the plants down. By hanging the buds in a cool, dark location for a week to ten days, you can dry and cure them.

Outdoor Cannabis Growing and Harvesting

Cannabis harvesting and cultivating outdoors can be a joyful experience, but it takes extensive planning. First off, since different cannabis strains have varied growth traits, it’s crucial to pick one that is compatible with your climate and growing environment. 

Another important aspect is the type of soil. Cannabis plants prefer soil that drains well and has a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. For the soil to be adequately nourished, you might need to add nutrients or amendments. Cannabis plants grown outside are also susceptible to pests, illnesses, and bad weather. Use insecticides and create a greenhouse to defend against these dangers to your plants.

To boost yield and potency, growers may employ additional strategies, such as trimming and harvesting. Cannabis harvested outside can be enjoyable and produce a high-quality product. You can do this as long as you harvest in a timely manner to avoid overexposing mature weed to the outdoors. 


Autoflower plant harvesting is a marijuana cultivation technology that needs less care since the plants’ flowers mature considerably quicker than traditional strains, removing the need for light cycles and exact scheduling. Autoflowers are cannabis strains that bud and bloom independently without requiring light cycles. When it comes to cultivating cannabis, this approach is quickly becoming a popular choice due to its ease. Autoflower marijuana seeds will blossom and bud regardless of the quantity of light they are exposed to, unlike the ordinary cannabis plant, which requires varying the length of light each day.


What Tools Do I Need to Harvest Weed?

Cannabis harvest is required to convert marijuana into edible goods, concentrates, vapes, etc. To be done accurately and effectively, the proper tools are required. Regardless of how skillful a grower is, one can only harvest cannabis effectively and securely with the correct equipment and supplies. Knowing what equipment is required to harvest cannabis may make all the difference in quality and yield, making the process less time-consuming. 

Here’s a list of things most growers prefer:

  • Pruning shears or scissors: These are used for trimming buds on the marijuana plant.
  • A drying rack or drying room: After you harvest cannabis plants, you’ll need a place to hang your buds to dry.
  • A fan circulates air in your drying space, which speeds up the drying process.
  • A grinder to break dried buds into tiny bits, making them simpler to smoke or use in edibles.
  • Glass jars: Keep your dried buds fresh by storing them in sealed glass jars.
  • A scale: You may wish to use a scale to weigh your harvested buds.

What Tools Do I Need to Harvest Weed?

How to Properly Dry, Store, and Cure Cannabis Buds

The care and proper storage determine the quality of cannabis buds’ medical and recreational properties. This is because drying, storing, and curing cannabis buds correctly are critical processes in guaranteeing a high-quality product. Cannabis buds should be dried, stored, and cured no later than seven to 10 days after you harvest cannabis. The first step is to dry the newly cut buds by hanging them in a dark, well-ventilated place. 

When the buds have dried, put them in sealed glass jars and keep them away from heat and direct light sources in addition to being sealed. Finally, these jars should be stored in the same setting, such as a cold, dark place, for a few weeks to six months to cure the buds thoroughly. It is critical to remember that curing cannabis buds is essential for maximizing the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes generated naturally by the plant. It takes time and knowledge to dry, store properly, and cure cannabis buds.


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