How To Germinate Weed Seeds?

Germination is the process of bringing cannabis seeds to life and allowing them to develop into young plants. It’s one of the most crucial steps in growing marijuana, as germinating marijuana seeds can help you save money on buying clones or seedlings from a dispensary. 

The germination rate for cannabis seeds is about 80%. If you have 10 viable cannabis seeds, only 8 will sprout successfully. So it’s essential to properly germinate weed seeds before planting them. 


What is Germination in Cannabis? 

Germination is when a dormant seed starts its growth cycle by forming a root system and breaking through its shell with the help of moisture and heat. 

The embryonic plant develops rapidly until it eventually breaks into a tiny shoot called a ” young seedling,” which looks like grass blades poking up from the soil. If done correctly, within 2-7 days after planting, your weed seeds should be sprouting new life.


How to Germinate Weed Seeds? 

Several methods are available for germinating cannabis seed, including the Paper Towel Method (PTM), Water Soaking, and soil method being the most popular among cannabis growers. 

The Paper Towel Method is considered one of the easiest and most reliable germination methods as it requires very few items and minimal effort to get started. And within no time, you’ll have your own marijuana plants to harvest delectable buds for a pleasant and invigorating high.

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What are Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana seeds are small, hard-shelled fruits that come from female cannabis plants. Inside each seed lies a dormant plant, an embryonic version of the adult cannabis plant waiting to be awakened with water, heat, and light. When properly cared for during germination, these tiny little sprouts will continue growing until they eventually develop into mature plants that produce cannabis buds or flowers when ready. 


Types of Cannabis Seeds 

When choosing your cannabis seeds for cultivation, there are several options available; Autoflowering, Photoperiod, Regular, and Feminized.


 These cannabis strains do not require changes in photoperiod (light cycle) to start flowering. This makes it easier to germinate seeds indoors or outdoors without worrying about light cycles throughout their growth period. 

Autoflowering cannabis seeds also tend to flower faster than regular varieties, which makes them an excellent choice for novice growers. If you want an auto-flowering cannabis strain that will deliver a mind and body high, then opt for Auto Skywalker Haze, as it has pretty decent yields.


This strain requires specific lighting cycles to trigger its flowering stage. Photoperiod strains usually take longer to flower than auto-flowering varieties but can yield more if provided with optimal growth conditions. 

Feminized cannabis seeds

Bred specifically for female characteristics so that you get only female plants when planting them. These are the best seeds, as you don’t have to worry about male plants. They are suitable for beginner growers.  

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds will produce a mix of male and female plants, which makes it necessary to set up a screening process to ensure all males are removed before they reach maturity and pollinate the females, ruining your harvest.  

Different Ways to Germinate Weed Seeds 

Paper Towels

The paper towel method is one of the most popular ways to germinate your cannabis seeds, as it requires very few items and minimal effort to get started. You need two moist paper towels, 10-12 viable marijuana seeds, and two similar plates or a jar with a lid on top to create a suitable environment for successful germination.

Water Soaking

Another common way for germinating cannabis seeds is by soaking them directly in water overnight until they form their tap roots and break through their shells. Then you can plant them directly into your growing medium or transfer them to a moist paper towel for further development.

Direct Planting

 This is one of the most natural ways of planting sprouted seeds. It involves planting them directly in the potting soil or other growing mediums without any pre-soaking. 

It’s important to note that direct planting requires more attention than other germination methods, as it’s easy to give excess water to the seedlings when they are first sprouting. 

Jiffy Pots

Jiffy pots are small compressed peat moss pellets that expand when watered and provide an ideal environment for cannabis seeds to start their growth. When using this method, you must place a few viable weed seeds in each jiffy pot and keep them moist until they form their tiny roots.

Germination Stations

Germination stations are trays with built-in lids which help create an optimal environment to germinate cannabis seeds by retaining moisture levels while still allowing airflow from outside sources. 

Add some viable weed seeds, fill your tray with warm water or nutrient solution, and then wait until they break through their shells before transferring them into the soil or other growing mediums. 

Stone Wool Blocks

Stone wool blocks are made from spun basalt rock which is then compressed into small cubes with holes in the middle. This makes them ideal for germinating weed seeds as they retain moisture and provide an easy way to transfer seedlings without damaging their fragile roots. 

Place your viable cannabis seeds onto the stone wool block, keep it moist until they form their taproots, and then transplant them directly into the soil.


What Do You Need to Germinate Marijuana Seeds? 

The right seed

Before you germinate marijuana seeds, ensure you have viable premium-grade cannabis seeds available, as this will ensure successful results every time. So, if you are in Canada, look for reputable breeders when buying seeds. You must also consider the effects you want, as different cannabis strains have varying results.


It’s essential to use warm (not hot) water when germinating your weed seeds, as this will help speed up the process and ensure they sprout quickly. 

Right Temperature

Cannabis seeds need a temperature between 21-27 degrees Celsius to sprout correctly. So ensure you keep an eye on the room temperature if you’re not using a heat mat.


Air circulation is also essential for successful cannabis seed germination as it helps prevent mold growth while providing oxygen to the developing seedlings.  


Darkness is often overlooked but extremely important for proper marijuana seed germination. Make sure your growing area has low light levels during this stage of development, as this will help encourage root formation and healthy young plants.

Growth Medium

Once your cannabis seeds have formed their taproots, it’s time to move them into the soil or other growing mediums such as rock wool cubes, jiffy pots, etc., which provide nutrients and support for the roots.   


Weed Seed Germination Steps 

  1. Soak your Seeds in water: Start by submerging your viable marijuana seeds in warm water overnight until they form their taproots and break through their shells. This step is often referred to as “pre-soaking” and helps speed up germination. 
  2. Place the seeds on a damp paper towel: After soaking your weed seeds, place them on top of a wet paper towel and cover them with another one for darkness. Ensure you always keep the towels moist by spraying them lightly with a spray bottle every few days.
  3. Transfer to a growing medium: Once your cannabis seeds have formed their taproots (usually after 2-7 days), it’s time to transfer them into the soil or other growing mediums, which will provide nutrients and support for the roots. 
  4. Provide light and water to the seedlings: Keep in mind that young seedlings need light to thrive. So ensure they get enough direct sunlight during this stage. You can grow lights. It’s also important to water them regularly, but be careful not to overwater them, as this can lead to root rot.


Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in Canada? 

If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds online in Canada, many seed banks offer quality weed seeds in Canada, like The Seed Pharm. You need to scrutinize them and remember to look at their reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and families.

 It would be best to choose an online shop in Canada or abroad that offers shipping services and are discreet in its packaging. Learn more at the Highest Farmacy.



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