Cactus Breath

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THC: 24.0 – 29.0% 

Cactus Breath is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a 50% indica to 50% sativa ratio, resulting from the cross of the classic Cactus and Mendo Breath strains. This hybrid is perfect for users seeking deep relaxation and a carefree state of mind, boasting a potent high thanks to its THC levels ranging from 24-29%. When consumed, users experience a profound sense of relaxation from head to toe, coupled with a calming sense of euphoria that fills the mind and leaves the body feeling light and airy. Despite the sense of lightness, the high has a heavy overtone, which may cause a feeling of mental fogginess and haziness.

As the effects of Cactus Breath take hold, users often find themselves couch-locked and deeply sedated, though not quite to the point of dozing off. Instead, they are left in a state of complete relaxation, free of any mental or physical discomfort. This makes Cactus Breath an ideal choice for managing conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, and migraines or headaches.

Cactus Breath boasts a unique flavor profile with a sweet and sour skunky taste and a pungent, earthy aroma. The buds of Cactus Breath are large, heart-shaped, and forest green, adorned with furry amber hairs and a dusting of tiny white crystal trichomes. This visual appeal, coupled with its effects and flavor, makes Cactus Breath a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

Cactus Breath

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