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THC: 30.0%

Weight: 7 Grams per Can

Do-Si-Dos is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid strain that is created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. This strain gets its name from the popular Girl Scout cookie and has a sweet, minty cookie flavor that is irresistible. Despite its high THC content of 28-30%, it is still a favourite among many users. The aroma of Do-Si-Do is just as enticing, with a sweet minty scent that is accented by fresh lime and pine.

The effects of Do-Si-Dos are just as pleasing as its flavor. It hits you quickly and hard with a euphoric cerebral rush that is followed by a happy and introspective state. As you sink into a state of relaxation, a warm body buzz will start to take over, starting from your spine and spreading through your limbs. This will leave you feeling sedated and couch-locked for hours on end. Due to its potent effects, Do-Si-Do is recommended for experienced users who are looking to treat conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, nausea, and depression.

The appearance of Do-Si-Dos buds is distinctive, with conical olive green nuggets, bright amber hairs, and purple leaves. It also has a sticky coating of sweet syrupy resin that covers each and every one of the bright, frosty white trichomes.

Purchase this item and get 75-200 Points - a worth of $2.63-$7.00 
Purchase this item and get 75-200 Points - a worth of $2.63-$7.00 
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