Pink Tuna

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THC: 32.0%

Pink Tuna is an extraordinary indica dominant hybrid strain resulting from the fusion of Pink Kush and Tuna Kush strains. It draws its name from the infamous Black Tuna Gang, notorious for smuggling marijuana from Colombia in the 1970s. True to its name, this strain exhibits powerful indica effects, delivering a strong and fast-acting high with an impressive average THC level of 25-32%. Initially, the high produces cerebral effects that crash through the mind, inducing a state of utter euphoria and occasional spaciness. As the mental buzz settles, the body enters a deeply relaxing and tingling state, often leading to a heavy couch-lock experience. This sedative effect promotes peacefulness and contentment, resulting in intermittent periods of dozing. Pink Tuna is a popular choice for addressing various conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, chronic stress, muscle spasms, and cramps. Its buds offer a delightful combination of sweet and sour fruity flavors, accompanied by a pungent aroma. They feature compact grape-shaped minty green nuggets, adorned with thin orange hairs and a frosty layer of white crystal trichomes.

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