Southwest Stomper

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Southwest Stomper Hybrid Strain

Genetics and Origin

  • Breeder: Bred by Gage Green Group, known for producing unique and potent strains.
  • Lineage: A cross between Grape Stomper and Afghani Landrace. This lineage combines the flavorful and aromatic profile of Grape Stomper with the robust and resinous qualities of Afghani Landrace.


  • Buds: Dense, medium to large-sized, often covered in a generous layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance.
  • Color: Predominantly deep green with hues of purple, especially when grown in cooler conditions. The purple tones are inherited from the Grape Stomper parent.
  • Hairs: Bright orange pistils contrast against the green and purple backdrop.

Aroma and Flavor

  • Aroma: Southwest Stomper has a complex scent profile. It features a sweet grape aroma with hints of earthy musk and a subtle floral undertone.
  • Flavor: When smoked or vaporized, the flavor profile mirrors its aroma, with a pronounced sweet grape taste, accompanied by earthy notes and a slightly spicy aftertaste.


  • Type: Balanced hybrid, providing a blend of both indica and sativa effects.
  • Psychoactive Effects: The high begins with an uplifting cerebral buzz that can enhance mood and creativity. This is followed by a calming body high that can induce relaxation and relieve tension without being overly sedative.
  • Medical Uses: Often used for managing stress, anxiety, and mild pain. Its balanced effects make it suitable for both daytime and evening use.


  • Grow Difficulty: Moderate; suitable for growers with some experience.
  • Climate: Prefers a Mediterranean climate but can be grown indoors with controlled conditions.
  • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-10 weeks.
  • Yield: Moderate to high, depending on growing conditions and techniques used.

Terpene Profile

  • Dominant Terpenes:
    • Myrcene: Contributes to the earthy and musky aroma.
    • Limonene: Adds a citrusy note that complements the grape flavor.
    • Caryophyllene: Provides a slight spiciness and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Usage Notes

  • Consumption Method: Suitable for smoking, vaporizing, or using in edibles and extracts.
  • Tolerance: Ideal for both novice and experienced users due to its balanced effects, though beginners should start with a lower dose to gauge tolerance.


Southwest Stomper is a versatile hybrid strain that offers a pleasant blend of uplifting and relaxing effects. Its unique flavor and aroma, along with its balanced high, make it a popular choice for those seeking both recreational enjoyment and medicinal benefits.

Purchase this item and get 40-120 Points - a worth of $1.40-$4.20 
Purchase this item and get 40-120 Points - a worth of $1.40-$4.20 
Southwest Stomper

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