Venom OG

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THC: 23.0 – 25.0%

Venom OG is a potent and popular cannabis strain that is known for its strong and long-lasting effects. This strain is a hybrid that combines the genetics of Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1, resulting in a high THC content of up to 25% and a unique terpene profile.

The aroma of Venom OG is a combination of earthy, piney, and skunky scents, with a hint of lemon and diesel. Its flavor is similar, with a strong diesel taste that is complemented by notes of pine and citrus.

The effects of Venom OG are primarily focused on the body, with a powerful and relaxing high that can soothe muscles and ease tension. It also has a euphoric and uplifting effect on the mind, which can enhance creativity and promote a positive mood. This strain is ideal for evening or nighttime use, as it can induce a strong sense of relaxation and sleepiness.

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