Sativa vs Indica Edibles

Sativa vs Indica Edibles

While smoking marijuana continues to be the most popular method of weed consumption, edibles are gradually gaining appeal among weed connoisseurs. Cannabis edibles provide several choices for individuals unable to consume cannabis flowers directly to experience the psychoactive and sedative effects of the plant. You don’t need to miss out on the magical feeling that weed gives when smoking it isn’t an option for you.

Here is an in-depth look at edibles if you’re looking forward to trying them.


What are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles are food items that have been infused with marijuana. These can be brownies, candies, gummies, or chocolates. Edibles tend to produce longer-lasting and more potent highs compared to smoked weed. The reason for this is during absorption of the weed-induced cookie into the bloodstream, the liver and digestive system transform the THC in weed into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is more potent than the former. 

The effects of weed edibles depend on the following:

  • The dose you take
  • Your personality
  • Whether you are intoxicated 
  • Your mood
  • Whether you have eaten

It is common for first-timers to feel like the plug has duped them because edibles take a while before they kick in, say an hour or two, depending on the strain. However, while it’s possible to buy mediocre weed from shoddy plugs, this isn’t always the case. Don’t be tricked into taking a higher dose, thinking it will accelerate the effects. Be patient and let the weed take its course slowly.

Remember, overdosing can lead to many adverse effects, such as a bad trip or, worst case scenario, you may end up in the ER.

You can prepare your cannabis edibles at home or purchase them pre-made from dispensaries. If you prefer to DIY, remember to make cannabutter and add the paste to your food. 

Whichever route you decide to take, ensure you confirm the strain. Being sure of the strain is paramount because each produces different effects.

What are Sativa Edibles?

As the name suggests, Sativa edibles are weed-induced foods made from the cannabis strain Sativa. If you’re having a long day at work and need a boost of energy to help you keep yourself active all day, Sativa edibles should be your choice.

Sativa edibles help improve mood, energy, concentration, and creativity. The stain enhances psychological health and reduces depression, fatigue, and ADHD symptoms.


What are Indica Edibles?

Indica edibles are edibles made from cannabis Indica. Indica is perfect when you simply wish to unwind and rest with a glass of wine, a pleasant breeze, peaceful music, or an intriguing podcast.

The sedative and calming effects of Indica edibles help promote sleep, allowing you to relax, and forget your stress for a while. Additionally, the euphoric and analgesic properties of Indica edibles make them effective painkillers. 

Indica edibles are very popular among medical professionals since they use these strains to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, body aches, and loss of appetite.


What are the Differences Between Indica and Sativa Marijuana Edibles?

The answer to the differences between Indica and Sativa edibles isn’t quite definitive because the effects tend to overlap depending on an individual’s tolerance level. Basically, the strain that may profoundly sedate you will not always have the same effect on someone else.

That notwithstanding, here are a few variations of the two:


Sativa strain is native to Western and Southeast Asia,  Africa, and Central America, while Indica is native to India, Afghanistan, and Turkey.


Sativa strain is tall and slender, with spindly limbs and leaves that resemble human fingers. 

Cannabis Indica, on the other hand, has substantial, broad leaves and is compact and short. Indica is more popular since it matures more rapidly and produces larger buds.


The famous moniker for Sativas is “daytime weed.”  This name came about since this strain produces positive and energizing effects, which many ganja lovers use to enhance their productivity, mental clarity, and creativity. Perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up on a lazy day.

Sativas are the opposite of Indicas which is why they are often referred to as ‘night weed.’ Sativa edibles are mainly taken during the P.M. because they have potent sedative properties, which induce profound relaxation, pain alleviation, and a pleasant night’s sleep. This is perfect after a long day when you just want to chill and get into a very deep sleep.

THC to CBD Ratio

Indicas contain more CBD than THC, while Sativas often contain more THC than CBD.

Which is Better For The Mind: Sativa Or Indica?

Depending on who you are, what you find appealing, and the effect you are going for, either of the strains work magic. Each individual’s response to cannabis is unique; therefore, what works for one individual may not work for another.

To find out which is your poison, try experimenting with each strain independently and monitor how they make you feel. To evaluate the effects accurately, begin with a low dose and gradually increase it. Once you decide on the best one for you, you can make it your best friend.

If both work well, go for the hybrid strain, a blend of Sativa and Indica. The hybrid strain has combined properties of both the Sativa and Indica strains and will ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Check the edible packaging if you aren’t sure of the strain you are taking. If the packaging doesn’t include the strain, inquire from the seller.


Where to Buy Cannabis Edibles Online in Canada?

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