What are Marijuana Strains: A Beginners Guide To Cannabis Strains

Beginners Guide To Cannabis Strains

When it comes to cannabis, there is a lot of confusion. There are literally thousands of strains that can be found on the market. Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, OG Kush, and Hindu Kush are some of the most popular marijuana strains. Other popular strains worth mentioning include Jack Herer, White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies, just to mention a few.

Also, the fact that new strains are constantly finding their way into the cannabis industry makes it extremely difficult to find the right strain name that fits your needs and preferences. Therefore, this guide will answer the question, ‘what are cannabis strains?’ and look at specific characteristics of various cannabis types.


What are Marijuana Strains?

Alright, so you’re new to cannabis and looking for the best cannabis strains for your medical and recreational purposes? Maybe you’ve been smoking the cannabis plant for years and just doing some cannabis research. Or maybe you’ve never even tried cannabis, but your friends keep telling you it’s terrific. Regardless of why you are reading this, we’re here to give you the information you need to know and make informed decisions about marijuana strains.

Weed strains are the most varied and diverse form of cannabis that can be grown. There are many different cannabis flower strains, each with its unique chemical composition, chemical profile, and properties. For example, some cannabis strains may have a combination of Indica Sativa properties, while others may be bred to have high CBD or THC content.

Selective breeding is a common practice in the cannabis industry. It is done on cannabis plants to produce one strain with specific characteristics. For example, some strains are known for their medicinal properties; they help treat various medical conditions such as chronic pain.

A new strain can also be selectively bred to become an energizing strain and be used in the medicinal cannabis industry to ease mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

However, it is important to note that the quality of the cannabis will be determined by factors like the grower’s expertise, equipment, environment, and genetics. Therefore, if you want the best quality, you want to buy weed seeds online from top seed sources or buds from trusted dispensaries.


Types of Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are two of the most common and well-known strains. Probably, you have heard about these strains. Both have many similarities, but each has a distinctive personality. Cannabis strains are usually named after their particular height and weight characteristics. For instance, cannabis Sativa is short and stout, while cannabis Indica is long and skinny. It is, however, essential to note that not all cannabis strains are like this.


Types of Cannabis Strains



Cannabis Sativa Strains

Sativa cannabis is the most popular strain of marijuana worldwide. Its leaves are usually thin and wispy, with a short slender stem. When grown indoors, Sativas may grow up to 20 feet tall. They have a shorter growth period than Indica plants, taking around 3-6 months. Sativas will produce large buds ranging between 3 to 4 inches in diameter. 

The effects of Sativa are usually a more uplifting and cerebral high. They can cause feelings of euphoria and creativity, making them great for daytime use. Sativas are also known for their energetic body highs that make them perfect for physical activities such as hiking or sports. Sativa-dominant strains are recommended for daytime use because they provide a mental and physical boost lasting for hours. They also help to combat depression, anxiety, and stress.


Cannabis Indica Strains

Indica weed strains are shorter and sturdier than their Sativa counterparts. As a result, these plants are ideal for indoor cultivation and are better suited to growing medical marijuana because they have less psychoactive effects and larger yields. In addition, Indica strains are known to provide more of a sedating and couch-locking effect than Sativas.

Indica plants tend to have more compact buds than Sativa strains, which is why they are often used for hash production. These plants typically grow around 100-150 cm tall and can be harvested after 8-9 weeks of flowering. Indica plants are usually dark green and have narrow leaves. They can be identified by their large, dense flowers that form at the end of each stem.


Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Hybrid cannabis is a strain of marijuana that contains both Sativa and Indica genes. The result is a strain that contains all the benefits of both Sativa and Indica strains.

Hybrids are a great way to experience different effects without having to buy multiple strains of cannabis. The combination of the two sets of genes can result in various effects, depending on the ratio of Sativa to Indica. For example, a high-CBD hybrid may relieve symptoms without getting you high, while a low-THC/high-CBD strain may provide more energizing effects.

Hybrid strains are often sought after because they offer the best of both worlds. They tend to have high levels of THC and CBD, which makes them great for treating pain and inflammation and helping with sleep disorders.


Sativa vs. Indica: Differences Between These Weed Strains

Sativa vs. Indica

Sativa plants grow taller, with long, slender leaves and dense clusters of flowers. Their flowers have larger petals, and the colour of their blossoms can range from pale yellow to bright red. Indica plants, on the other hand, are shorter, with rounder and fatter leaves. Their blooms have smaller petals and more purple or blue coloration in their petals.

When it comes to highs, Sativas are known as the “get-your-high” type of strain, and Indicas are typically associated with full-body effects. While Sativas are famous for their high, others look to Indicas for their longer-lasting and sedating capabilities. 

Another common way to differentiate between the two strains is by their effects on the body. For example, Sativas are known as “cerebral” strains because they tend to boost energy and creativity, while Indicas are more likely to give you a relaxed or sedated feeling. 

Indicas are also known for their “couch-lock” effects, which means you may find yourself stuck on your couch after smoking an Indica strain. If you’re looking for a strain that will help you relax, Indicas is the best choice. They’re known to have an almost sedating effect on your body and mind, so they’re great if you have trouble sleeping or feel anxious. Sativas, on the other hand, tend to give users more of an energetic boost and can be great for people who want to get things done.

Hybrid cannabis strains will give you both effects, and some people think it’s best to mix the two types to get a more balanced experience. 


Final Words on What are Marijuana Flowers

Cannabis strains can be confusing enough to a marijuana flowers newbie. Still, throwing in the slang terms many dispensaries use can be even more intimidating. Therefore, knowing the basic types of cannabis and their effects is helpful before you visit a dispensary such as the Highest Farmacy. In addition, you’ll find us featured on trusted sites like Cannabis Ontario.

If you’re trying to decide between an Indica and Sativa, you can best explain to your budtender the kind of experience you want from your cannabis. The best type of cannabis strain is subjective based on the person. It’s your choice to learn which ones help you and then purchase them with the guidance of a knowledgeable dispensary worker. 



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