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THC: 26.0%

ReCon, also referred to as “Recon” or “Recon OG,” is a well-known indica-dominant hybrid strain that combines the renowned LA Confidential and Cannadential strains. This strain, cherished by indica enthusiasts, delivers a calming yet invigorating high that is perfect for unwinding after a long and stressful day. The effects of ReCon gradually sneak up on you, starting with a subtle onset and then taking full control. You’ll experience an uplifting sensation coupled with deep relaxation, accompanied by a tingling physical effect that may induce a slight couch-lock, promoting a profound sense of laziness and overall tranquility. Despite the body-centric relaxation, ReCon also provides a notable surge in creativity and sociability, making it suitable for mellow social gatherings.

ReCon is frequently selected by individuals seeking relief from conditions like chronic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or nightmares, and chronic pain. This strain boasts an impressive average THC level ranging from 25% to 30%, while CBD levels remain low, typically ranging from 0% to 3%.

The flavor profile of ReCon is characterized by a sweet and sugary fruity berry taste with subtle hints of mildly spicy cherries. Its aroma is earthy and spicy, featuring a peppery fruitiness complemented by notes of rich cherry wine and fresh herbs. The buds of ReCon are generously sized, displaying fluffy spade-shaped structures in a vibrant forest green hue. Dark olive green leaves intertwine with thin orange hairs, and a layer of tiny amber-tinted white crystal trichomes coats the surface, enhancing its visual appeal.

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