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THC: 33.0%

Oreoz is an indica dominant hybrid strain that leans towards indica dominance, with a genetic makeup of 70% indica and 30% sativa. It is the result of crossing the delectable Cookies N Cream with the potent Secret Weapon strains. Renowned for its incredibly delicious flavor, Oreoz is a perfect option for indica enthusiasts who seek both potency and a delightful taste. Staying true to its name, Oreoz offers a flavor profile reminiscent of Oreo dirt pudding, combining sweet and spicy chocolate notes with a delightful nuttiness. The aroma follows suit, with a touch of pungent diesel adding an interesting twist.

The effects of Oreoz are quick to manifest, hitting you almost immediately after exhaling. It delivers a powerful and long-lasting experience that affects both the mind and body, keeping you soaring for hours on end. The high commences with a surge of cerebral effects, instilling a profound sense of happiness that effortlessly dispels any negative or racing thoughts. As your mental state ascends to new heights and your happiness expands, a strong case of the munchies sets in, accompanied by a gentle physical relaxation that enhances your snacking experience.

With an impressively high average THC level ranging between 26% and 33%, Oreoz is an excellent choice for individuals seeking relief from various conditions. It is particularly beneficial for those dealing with appetite loss, nausea, depression, insomnia, chronic stress, and gastrointestinal disorders. The dense and lumpy bright neon green nugs of Oreoz are adorned with deep amber hairs and coated in a layer of glistening crystal trichomes that ooze sweet and sticky resin from top to bottom.

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