Can You Bring Edibles on a Plane?

Can You Bring Edibles on a Plane?

In recent years, both medicinal cannabis and marijuana for recreational purposes have been legalized in Canada. 

These rules only apply while you are within the Canadian border. Extensionally, flying with cannabis is allowed on domestic flights in the country. 

However, there is a limit regarding how much weed you can bring along. Usually, you can carry 30 grams of weed or 100 ml of cannabis oil


What Are Weed Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are weed products that can be ingested by eating or drinking. 

Edible cannabis covers a wide range of products, including:

Most folks prefer edible cannabis since they can decide the specific product they want and how much to add. Additionally, these variations tend to be quite discreet. By taking a simple gander, you can’t tell that there is any cannabis content in them. 


According to Federal Law, Is It Legal to Bring Cannabis Edibles on a Plane in Canada?

Given their discreetness, most people wonder if they can sneak THC Edibles on their flights. 

The answer is a straight-up NO!

Local laws dictate that taking other forms of cannabis on a plane is strictly forbidden. In addition, flying with cannabis-infused products, which include edible cannabis, is illegal under federal law.

Indeed, there are a couple of exceptions to these laws. Products with less than 0.3% THC content are allowed, for instance. In addition, there are some specific products containing THC that the FDA approves. However, take note of the fact that such exceptions don’t apply to weed edibles. 

Another area that you need to be keen on is CBD products and cannabidiols. However, it is not clear what specific CBD products are considered illegal.

Medicinal Cannabis

While carrying cannabis for medicinal purposes might be permitted, you should talk about its transportation with your doctor before you bring it to your flight.  

Flying with medicinal cannabis requires you to have a doctor’s prescription. In addition, in most countries where weed is legal, including Canada, it is not lawful to travel with self-prescribed cannabis, whether medicinal or not.

With the uncertainty surrounding cannabis concentrates and products, you should research beforehand. Also, check for your airline’s specific precautions. 

The bottom line is that taking any weed or cannabis product to another country is not permitted. 

What About Bringing Cannabis Across the Canadian Border?

Legal Age in Different Canadian Provinces

Unlike certain countries such as the United States of America, where each state has the same age and legal limits for marijuana usage, in Canada, things seem to have taken a different approach. 

Every province has its legal age limit for using cannabis. For instance, across most territories and provinces in Canada, the age allowed for legal weed usage is 19 years. 

However, in Alberta and Quebec, you can lawfully purchase cannabis as soon as you turn 18. Because legal age varies across different territories, meet the legal age requirements of the province you live in or the one you plan to visit. 


What About Bringing Cannabis Across the Canadian Border?

It might seem logical to carry your cannabis when travelling to another country, especially if weed usage is legal there. However, according to local laws in Canada, carrying weed across the border is a severe criminal offence! 

It does not matter what amount you have in your possession or your age; breaking this law could result in dire consequences, such as jail time. 


What if I’m Taking a Domestic Flight Within Canada?

While you can transport cannabis to a 30 grams limit, at the moment, cannabis concentrates, cannabis products, and other edibles are not allowed on any domestic flight. 

The federal department responsible for regulating cannabis use in Canada is developing laws regarding cannabis products and other edibles. As such, you cannot carry any such products on domestic flights, even if you are of legal age. 


How About Rerouted Flights?

In rare cases, a flight en route to a different city in Canada might be forced to land in the US nearest airport following bad weather or a plane malfunction. If you have a stash of weed on you during such an eventuality, you have no option but take responsibility for cannabis possession. You might have to pay a fine or even purchase a ticket back to Canada. 

So, while it is legal to travel across Canada with weed (up to 30 grams or 100 ml of cannabis oil), you can never be 100% sure that you are safe; something unforeseen could happen. Therefore, it would be better to leave your marijuana at home and purchase some when you get to your destination. You do not want to be denied entry to a particular state or risk paying a hefty fine for something that could have been entirely avoidable in the first place. 

Can I Take Cannabis at Home Before Taking a Flight?

Can I Take Cannabis at Home Before Taking a Flight?

If you get nervous during a flight, you might ask yourself if ‘hitting some’ at home before you leave is a good idea.

Doing so is at your peril, given that there are airports that could require you to take a drug test. In addition, depending on your province’s or territory’s specific laws and regulations, there could be severe implications for a failed drug test.


What Happens if I Get Caught With Marijuana Edibles on a Plane?

Bringing cannabis to a flight is generally a risky affair. Many countries have legalized cannabis usage, and airlines know this. However, these air travel companies must adhere to federal law regulations. 

A law enforcement official will have to step in if you are caught sneaking in edibles on a Canadian flight. The procedures that follow afterward differ depending on the criminal offence at hand. 

There is a degree of uncertainty regarding the punishment you might get, considering the fact that the government provides no clear rules and guidelines. 

It is worth noting, however, that some individuals have gotten serious jail time for ingesting weed on a plane or even for transporting it. Other potential consequences could be travel bans, missing your flight, or being fined. 


To Sum It Up

Travelling with cannabis within the borders of Canada is permitted, and any other specifications depend on the local laws set within every province or territory. However, transporting weed outside Canada is illegal and is considered a criminal offence. 

When we narrow down to cannabis products and cannabis edibles, these are illegal to carry in a flight, whether within or outside the country. However, some new regulations and rules are being looked into by the government. If all goes well, weed lovers can expect to see concentrates, edibles, and other marijuana products being legalized for flight travel. 

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