What Are Moon Rock Joints?

What are Moon Rock Joints?

Smoking a joint and taking off into outer space; what could be better? It may seem far-fetched, but Moon Rock Joints are aptly named because they are so potent that smoking them may seem like a trip into the great unknown. 

Is your interest piqued? If you’re a connoisseur of all things marijuana, you’ll want to read on to learn about Moon Rocks


What is a Moon Rock Joint?

Also known as a Twax Joint or caviar weed, Moon Rock Joints are a specifically prepared type of highly potent joint. While there are many similarities to a regular joint, Moon Rock Joints have cannabis concentrate rolled in kief and then added to the outside, inside, or tip of the joint. 

These joints have a similar potency to dabs, and many people use them as an alternative. They have about 50% THC and are made up of cannabis concentrate and kief, which means they have full spectrum potency. 

Many people recommend that Moon Rock Joints only be smoked by experienced THC users, as they are so potent and give a powerful high. 

What are Moon Rock Joints?

Benefits of Moon Rock Joints

The potency of Moon Rock Joints is highly desirable, and many seasoned users of marijuana enjoy the strong high it brings. However, for some, it is preferred to dabbing because there is no special equipment required, and it can be smoked in the basic, traditional way. 

The overall enjoyment and high that users get from smoking Moon Rock Joints is one of the main reasons it is growing in popularity. It is said that the feeling that comes from Moon Rocks is one of legitimately heading to the moon. 

Yet, there are other potential benefits that users will want to take note of, especially if they have medical concerns and are considering using Moon Rock Joints for medicinal reasons. It is believed that Moon Rock Joints can help users in multiple ways, including

  • Pain Relief

With a THC content of around 50% or more, Moon Rock Joints have been shown to have excellent pain reduction properties, helping to relieve chronic pain. Patients who use Moon Rock Joints while in pain have reported that it decreases significantly, and the effects last for an extended period. 

  • Reduced Nausea

Those with severe nausea have reported that smaller doses of Moon Rock Joints bring relief and settle their symptoms. Many claim that nausea they are used to experiencing has been considerably eased with a Moon Rock Joint treatment. 

  • Reduced Anxiety

The use of Moon Rock Joints, with their high THC content and strong potency, has significantly reduced anxiety. These positive effects are typically long-lasting and have helped many people who suffer from anxiety. 

  • Increased Appetite

Some people undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and other medical treatments experience a total loss of appetite. When they use Moon Rock Joints as part of their treatment, their appetites often return, and they desire to eat. Moon Rock Joints work quickly, becoming a stimulant that encourages people to get the nourishment they need as part of their healing journey. 

  • Seizure Suppressant

When taken by people who experience seizures, Moon Rock Joints act as a suppressant. As a result, these patients see a reduction in the number of seizures and severity when regularly using Moon Rock Joints as part of their treatment. 


How are Moon Rock Joints Made?

Moon Rock Joints are made by choosing top-grade marijuana flowers with the desired level of THC and CBD. Typically, GSC is used; however, any cannabis flower will be sufficient. Once the flower is chosen, it is covered with hash oil, usually spraying or dipping it. 

After it has been covered with hash oil, it is rolled in kief, cannabis plant resin ground into a fine powder. The kief is used to amplify the joint’s potency. Once it has been adequately covered in kief, it is ready to be rolled into a joint using a study, strong rolling paper. There are two ways to roll Moon Rock Joints, with concentrates on the inside or the outside.

Where to Get Moon Rock Joints

How to Smoke Moon Rock Joints

Anyone new to Moon Rock Joints must know that they can be incredibly harsh and strong. Therefore, it is recommended that only seasoned and experienced users of cannabis smoke Moon Rock Joints. 

When you first begin to smoke them, start small and slow. Take it easy and drink lots of water while smoking and experiencing the effects. If your high may be too strong, you can take black peppercorn or CBD or eat fatty food to counter the effects. Keeping these things nearby during your initial contact with Moon Rock Joints can help. 

Awareness is critical as you begin to smoke this highly potent form of marijuana. Understanding that you will experience a much stronger high and knowing what to do to help bring things down a notch is essential. Always prepare before you smoke Moon Rock Joints, and make sure you are only lighting up with other experienced users. 


Where to Get Moon Rock Joints

Moon Rock Joints are easy to make on your own by following the steps listed above. However, many cannabis dispensaries around Canada sell pre-rolled Moon Rock Joints, providing the most accessible means for obtaining and smoking this potent cannabis. An excellent option in the Highest Farmacy that offers the best same-day marijuana delivery in Toronto. You can also get same-day service on the West Coast of Canada from places like Daily Treats Delivery.

If you are looking for pre-rolled Moon Rock Joints, which typically cost $20-$50, check your usual local or online dispensary. There may be options for both pick-up and delivery to choose from. 

If you purchase the materials and ingredients to roll Moon Rock Joints yourself, you should be able to find everything you need in the same places. You’ll want to buy cannabis flowers, hash oil, kief, and rolling paper to make your Moon Rock Joints.  


In Conclusion

Moon Rock Joints are a highly potent form of cannabis that provides an extreme high. The effects of these joints are often compared with being sent into outer space, illustrating how intense the high can be. 

Often compared to the strength of dabbing, Moon Rock Joints are easier to use, making them a popular alternative. If you are an experienced user of cannabis, you can try Moon Rock Joints for a high like no other. However, make sure you start slow and are prepared for the strength of the effects. 



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