What Is Moon Rock Weed?

What Is Moon Rock Weed?

Marijuana moon rocks are cannabis products made by dipping or spraying nugs of marijuana with concentrates or hash oil, then rolling in Kief. The nugs can be made by any marijuana strain flowers and concentrate. The end product is what we call moon rock.

Moon rock became popular after West Coast Rapper Kurupt and his partner Dr. Zodiac introduced it to people back in 2014. Then, he went ahead and designed his brand of moon rock cannabis.

Moon rocks have a strong potency and are estimated to have more than 50% THC, though it will vary from each batch depending on the ingredients and procedure used to make it.

The strain used for moon rock has a potency of around 15-25% THC, and the concentrate has a THC content of 90%. At the same time, Kief is a trichome powder made of crystal residue from cannabis flowers that contain terpenes and cannabinoids. This shows that the end product of moon rock is potent, with an estimated potency of 50-80% THC.


How Do You Consume Moon Rocks?

Moon rock is smoked, but it is more complex than smoking regular cannabis flowers. To smoke moon rocks, you need to tear them apart and place them in joints, bowls, glass pipes, or vaporizers.

To break it, use scissors instead of a grinder since the sticky outer coating of concentrate and Kief tends to jam the grinder. Once you have cut your moon rock into chunks, put them in your preferred jar. Using a lighter, burn the top of the moonlight until it blazes and melts.

Once your moon rock is properly burnt, inhale and leave it on a slow burn as you continue. Eat before you consume the moon rock since it can cause psychoactive effects. To avoid a dry mouth, stay hydrated and drink lots of water as you smoke.

Because moon rocks cannabis has a strong effect that can make you numb and passive, smoke moon rocks in a more relaxed environment. Just like other cannabis edibles, marijuana moon rock high kicks in 30 minutes after consumption


What Are Moon Rocks Benefits?

Moon rock marijuana is made of three ingredients of pot products, which have different effects on smokers. Some cannabis consumers praise it for giving them relaxation and happiness, while others say they feel anxious and hysterical.

Despite some consumers experiencing psychoactive effects, moon rocks are legal in Canada, and some praise them as a relief for fear and anxiety.

Here are some benefits of marijuana moon rocks:

  1. THC concentrates in moon rocks and increases appetite. Therefore, it is appropriate to treat people with eating disorders.
  2. The endocannabinoid has sensory receptors that calm nerves, regulate mental activity, calm rapid heartbeat, and promote sleep.
  3. Moon rock has a stimulating effect on the brain. In addition, it has neuroprotective properties that control calcium and potassium in the central nervous system and hinders the discharge of adenylyl cyclase.
  4. Moon rock increases choline and acetylcholine levels, which are crucial in treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, among other neurodegenerative diseases.
  5. Cannabinoids also have anxiolytic properties for pain relief, stress, and anxiety.


What Are Moon Rocks Weed Disadvantages?

When it comes to marijuana products, the increase in the level of THC concentrates increases the risk of psychological reactions and addiction. In addition, the process of smoking weed rocks contributes to inhaling carcinogens and toxins that may cause more intense effects on the lungs and throat, which may lead to cancer.

Here are more disadvantages of smoking weed moon rocks:

  1. They have high THC and strong potency, thus unsuitable for new users.
  2. The concentrate and Kief make a sticky mess, making it more complex to light.
  3.  You should store Moon rocks in a cool place since they form a gummy or sticky mess if they become hot.
  4. Weed moon rocks can get you extremely high, and it is best to test your limit with regular marijuana before smoking moon rocks.


How to Make Moon Rock Cannabis Buds

The process of making moon rock cannabis buds is not complex. What is more crucial is the quality of the strain you use. The end product will be low quality if you go for a low-quality strain like regs and mids.

If you opt to make your own moon rocks, use the highest quality bud to enjoy its full benefits. Before choosing any strain, consult with budtenders at a cannabis dispensary near you to recommend a strain for your needs. The three ingredients used to make moon rocks are CBD flower, Kief, and concentrates. You can also try using other mixtures like live resin and high-THC indoor cannabis flowers with high-terpene content.

To make moon rocks, you will need the following:

  1. Bud of cannabis flower strain
  2. Kief
  3. Tongs or tweezers (for separating sticky ingredients)
  4. A liquid dropper
  5. Cannabis oil

How to Make Moon Rock Cannabis Buds

Process of Making Moon Rocks

  1. Select a potent flower bud and break it into smaller pieces.
  2. Apply your favourite concentrate using the liquid dropper or roll it in the oil. If the concentrate needs are thick, heat it until you get a runny consistency.
  3. Leave the first layer to dry before you repeat the process.
  4. After the concentrate sets, roll the bud in Kief until it is covered.
  5. Set it aside to dry in a cool, dry place (direct sunlight will make it sticky)
  6. Repeat the process with the other buds and let them dry completely before use.


How Are Moon Rocks Different From Normal Cannabis Buds?

Moon rocks are nugs of flowers covered in oil concentrates and rolled in Kief. In contrast, a regular cannabis flower is the smokable part of a cannabis plant.

Most moon rocks have intense high potency of around 50% and more, while the regular weed bud has an average of 20% THC. However, the potency will vary depending on the type of strain used.

Lighting moon rocks in joints and blunts are challenging due to their sticky extracts. Also, cannabis oil will constrain airflow; you should put moon rocks in glass bowls or bongs for better results. On the other hand, cannabis flower is smokeable using a pipe, bong, or bowl and can also be rolled into a joint or blunt.


Where to Buy Moon Rock Weed Online in Canada

At the Highest Farmacy, we offer the best quality moon rock cannabis products. Our product is made with the best quality cannabis strains, Kief, and oil concentrate that give a relaxing mood. In addition, we have a wide variety of cannabis products that can give you the best moon rock experience. To get the original moon rock products, order online from wherever you are in Canada, and we will get them delivered to you. You can even find pre-rolled Moon Rock joints. So get the best cannabis brands today at the Highest Farmacy.

moonrock joint

Final Thought

Moon Rocks provide a high potency and have become a popular way to get a fast-acting effect. There are also benefits that many users have reported. Some say it gives them a sense of well-being, relaxation, energy, and clear-headedness after taking the product.

Marijuana moon rocks are highly potent. While taking them, consider the possible risks, especially if you are a novice user. First, consult a professional cannabis dispensary to determine if the moon rocks are good for you. Then, make sure to consume it safely for a delightful experience.



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