What are Weed Edibles?

What are Weed Edibles

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, so there are plenty of options for new and experienced users. Some of the most common things in cannabis are the buds, but there are also many kinds of cannabis-based products.

Ever heard the term “edibles” before? Do you know what cannabis edibles are? If the answer is no, then this article is for you. Weed edibles or cannabis-infused foods are a growing trend in the industry and make for one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis.


The Popularity of Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis consumption via cannabis-infused edibles is becoming increasingly popular than other forms of cannabis consumption for a few reasons. First, edibles pack a potent punch to supply you with immediate and long-lasting psychoactive effects. Second, edible cannabis products are far more discreet than vaping or smoking cannabis flowers, so if discretion is a primary concern, edibles are the way to go! 

If you have never tried cannabis before, you might be shocked to learn that there are a ton of ingestible cannabis products you can choose from. There are weed gummies, THC snacks, chocolate bars, THC drinks and more!

However, it can be a bit intimidating the first time you try to buy weed edibles online in Canada.  Let’s face it. Buying edible cannabis products is a risk. You never really know how much THC or other cannabinoids are in your tasty THC treat.

If your edible isn’t properly labelled, then you’ll have no idea of the adverse effects that can be expected. As such, make sure you’re buying your THC edibles and CBD-only edibles for pain management and general medical use from a reputable seller like the Highest Farmacy. Also, ensure the ingredients are listed clearly on the packaging to guarantee the desired effects.


What are Cannabis Edibles


Advantages of Cannabis Edibles Over Smoking?

Weed edible use is a safer way to consume marijuana than regular cannabis smoking. According to HealthLine media websites and wellness professionals, unlike smoked cannabis, edibles do not have carcinogens. In addition, they have never been associated with lung cancer, the leading cause of death from cancer in Canada and the United States.

Secondly, you can easily sneak some homemade edibles into your everyday life without anyone noticing. If you want to keep your love for cannabis a discreet matter, ingesting edibles may be the best option for you. The best part is that edibles come in various forms to suit all needs and preferences. 

Also, the high induced by edibles last longer than inhaling cannabis thanks to the higher THC content in edibles, providing more of an overall cannabis experience.


So, How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick-in? 

Edibles typically take 30-60 minutes to begin working (or kick in), but you can experience a high only when the body has had time to process the edible. You might feel it faster if you use high-dose edibles, but we don’t recommend taking high doses, especially if you’re new.

We recommend assessing your first dose after 30-45 minutes. Start with a small piece of the edible and wait 30 minutes before taking another bite or two. This gives your body enough time to process THC, the primary psychoactive compound in weed, and other cannabinoids into the bloodstream, allowing you to experience a potent and long-lasting high. 

It is important to note that the strength of your cannabis edible will influence the duration of your high. Also, as previously mentioned, the effects of edibles last longer than regular cannabis smoking, but how long these effects continue and how strong they get will vary from person to person. This brings us to a burning question in the marijuana community.


How Long Do The Effects of Edibles Last?

It is difficult to answer the question, “How long do the effects of cannabis edibles last?” This depends on various factors, such as your body weight and metabolism, the potency of the products you’re taking, how old the product is, other drugs you might be taking, your tolerance and much more. The only way to know how long a product lasts is to test it yourself. 


What are Marijuana Edibles


Possible Side Effects

Cannabis is good for you. Peer-reviewed studies suggest that CBD, an active ingredient in marijuana, can ease various medical conditions, including chronic pain relief, stress and muscle tension, eliminate nausea, improve appetite, help with sleep disorders and even treat anxiety, among other health conditions.

We should mention that not everyone responds to marijuana in the same way. Certain people are more susceptible to adverse effects than others. That said, typical side effects include delayed effects, paranoia, anxiety and impaired mobility. Most consumers also report stomach upset, headaches, itchiness and digestive tract issues. There have also been reports of overdose symptoms, hallucinations, delusions or other emotional disturbances.

The good news is there are many things that you can do to avoid cannabis side effects. For instance, you can watch your dosage. We recommend starting with low-dose edibles and gradually increasing your dosage with time. You can also make sure you drink plenty of water because cannabis can dry out the body and increase urination. Finally, when you consume cannabis for recreational use, avoid too much cannabis in one sitting, so you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable or lethargic after eating your cannabis food products. 


Final Words

The key takeaway is that edible use is a much more efficient method of delivering cannabinoids to your body than smoking. However, smoking cannabis does have its benefits. There is a lot to explore when acquiring cannabis products in Canada. Make sure to take your time and choose the best products for your needs and go from there. 

All in all, edible products may be a more appealing option for those who don’t like cannabis smoke or may want to experience the effects of medical cannabis differently. Regardless of your preferences or health concerns, cannabis-infused edibles may be the right option for you.

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